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Working for and caring about our planet, cities, and parks.

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My name is Eric and I live and work in Oakland, California. I care about our planet, our cities, and our public lands. My vision of a hopeful future guarantees affordable, accessible, and stable housing as a human right for all of my neighbors. I am eager to realize an equitable, low-carbon system that gets us out of cars and onto buses, trains, bike lanes, and sidewalks. I want this system to connect us to our shared backyard - the parks and lands that are the lungs of our cities. To me, housing, transit, and land use policy is climate and environmental policy.

I try to live these values at the Sierra Club, where I am Associate Advancement Director for California and the Pacific Northwest. I work with our major donors to better resource solutions to the climate crisis and pathways to environmental justice. Away from work, I do what I can to volunteer, organize, and contribute to causes I care about. Right now that's East Bay for Everyone - a network of organizers responding to the Bay Area's housing crisis, RCPC - my neighborhood planning council, and my home away from home, the East Bay regional parks.

Below is a sample of my work in case you reached this page out of professional interest. If you would like to learn more, my LinkedIn page is kept up-to-date, and I am sporadically active on Twitter mostly to retweet other people that I think are saying smart things. I'd be glad to hear from you - reach out here and I will be sure to respond.

Low tide at Stengel Beach, Sonoma County, California

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Dusk above Donner Lake, Nevada County, California


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