Eric Lombardo

Working for and caring about our planet and its places.

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Thank you for pointing your mouse or thumb my way.

My name is Eric and I live and work in Oakland, California. I'm passionate about environmental equity and our shared lands and ecosystems. I work for clean water, healthy air, and a stable climate. I believe every community deserves access to the outdoors, and that there's no "right" way to be outside.

I aim to live these values working at the Sierra Club, where I am Advancement Director for Northern California. I work with our strongest supporters to resource our grassroots campaigns and programs. I am a proud member of the Sierra Employee Alliance (UAW Local 2103) where I serve as Vice Chair and do my best to advocate for my coworkers.

In my downtime, I lose a lot to my partner, Alex, in disc golf and I'm doing my best to revive a reading habit. Help me turn screen time into novel or nonfiction time by recommending to me your favorite book or what you're currently reading! Here's what I am nosing through:

Just Finished:
The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Current Fiction Read:
The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Current Historical Read:
The Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Work History

In case you've visited for professional info, below are a few projects I've led to get a sample of my skills and work history. My career bio is kept up-to-date on LinkedIn so if you'd like more comprehensive info, head over there!

Landscape photography is my favorite way to remember where life takes me. Above is a view of Alex tracing reflections during a sunny winter morning at Pinnacles National Park.

Reach Me

I am doing my best to steer clear of social media. If you want to get in touch the old-fashioned way, use the below contact form and I will reply by email. You can also send me an encrypted direct message via Keybase (the link will only work if you have it installed).

Low clouds and pink dusk above Donner Lake in the Sierra. What you don't see is the traffic jam ahead that inspired this detour.


In my downtime, I enjoy harnessing the power of data visualizations to map various parts of life. If you too share this hobby, you'll probably enjoy:

Libib for a (non-Amazon/Goodreads) way to track your reading 📚
Peakbagger for logging mountain summits and hikes 🌄
Mob Rule - the name confuses me too - for county counting 🌏
Strava for workouts of all kinds, but keep your data private! 🏃
OpenFlights for recording flights and estimating carbon footprint ✈️

Share with me your favorite tool! Just getting started with growing positive habits through data viz? Reach out above - I'd be happy to share some tips and tricks.